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OA Office Net Floor

  • OA500 Cable Management Net Floor
OA500 Cable Management Net Floor

OA500 Cable Management Net Floor

  • Size:500×500×25mm
  • Loading Range: 440lb-1250lb
  • Floor Finished Height: ≥35mm
  • Product description: OA500 Cable Management Net Floor

OA500 Cable Management Net Floor

OA500 Cable Management Net Floor system has trunking around each panel. The panel is supported by 4 screws connected with galvanized steel base. Panel height can be adjusted from the top of panel. Each trunk has an outlet hole,offering maxmium solution of wiring. Strong and weak currency can be marked and seperated in different trunks which is conventient for maintance and reconstruction, also saving building space.

Panel Cut View-Top

Panel Cut View-Bottom

Product Feature:

1.FFH35-150MM,recommended FFH 50mm be conviented for outlett box installation.Low floor finished height offers more room space above floor.

2.Strong and weak currency markable and seperatable,conventient for maintance.

3.Outlet holes available at each connecting point of 2 trunks,conventient for wire outleting.

4.Modulized Trunking plated interchangeable with each other.

5.Trunking plate interchangeable with outlet boxes.

6.Screw-like Support Legs,height adjustable from the top of panel,higher installation effiency.

7.Small size panel,2/3 weight of normal panel.

Long Plate

Square Plate

Border Plate

Loading Chart:

Type Size Concentrated Load Rolling Load Ultimated Load Uniform Load Fire Protection Performance
FS440 500×500×25 ≥440 200 ≥200 ≥610 ≥991 Incombustible
ASTM E84-01:
Flame Spread:0
Smoke Density:0
FS662 500×500×25 ≥662 ≥300 ≥300 ≥903 ≥1275
FS800 500×500×25 ≥800 ≥364 ≥364 ≥1148 ≥1643
FS1000 500×500×25 ≥1000 ≥455 ≥455 ≥1363 ≥2347
FS1250 500×500×25 ≥1250 ≥569 ≥569 ≥1703 ≥3368
500×500×25 ≥1500 ≥682
≥682 ≥2724 ≥4388
FS2000 600×600×35 ≥2000 ≥910 ≥910 ≥3177 ≥5918