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Accessories for Raised Floor

  • Handbook Band Saw
  • Handbook Band Saw
Handbook Band SawHandbook Band Saw

Handbook Band Saw

  • Product description: Installation Tool for Access Floor

Handbook Band Saw

Product Feature:

1.Light weight, the whole machine only have 40kg,detachable. wooden Packing with pulley.
2.Adapt to all kinds of voltage power supply, customized plug.
3.Long service life about ten years. Machine warranty 2 years.
4.Cutting fast, neat, not notch, used imported saw blade can cut 400times .
5.Can do arc cutting, the cut angle from 0- 60 degrees.
6.Simple operation, safe to use.

Techinical Data:

1.Machine:40KGS/1400X730X200MM 2.Packaging:840X830X420MM
3.Power:500W 4.Voltage:Custom-made
5.Blade:2.4M (one blade can used in 400pcs raised floor)