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The Coming of Anti-static Access Floor

Flooring the world, wandering with a variety of functional floor, to meet the increasingly stringent consumer demand, companies have to step up pace, followed by the introduction of the corresponding consumer trend of the product. For a strict standard, high demand for the space environment, only the laying of anti-static floor in order to minimize static electricity interference, and ultimately play a protective role.
Electrostatic charge, a charge in a static state. Usually the human visual observation of the surrounding static electricity generally appear in the fall and winter, when we take off in the evening clothes, will see the appearance of blue light accompanied by the pop sound, and the touch between people, and metal Between the touch of the same issue of the electrostatic signal. Static electricity around a human eye invisible state exists, but will have a high degree of precision instruments and equipment have a serious impact, such as outside the machine, the internal random failures, image disorders and other issues.
Anti-static flooring, also known as dissipative electrostatic floor. It is the emergence of the above equipment to solve the problem of frequent "magic." Anti-static flooring, when it is grounded or connected to any lower potential point, the charge can be dissipated to the resistance of 10 to 5 to 10 9 ohm between the existence. And anti-static floor design points pay great attention to personal safety, fire rating are in line with "building interior design fire protection norms" requirements, and in strict accordance with the requirements of the use of strict norms: only the basic size of the alignment with 250mm, And the basic size of air-conditioned wind library to use 400mm. Anti-static floor to use a wider scope, involving the microelectronics industry, industry sectors, as well as other sensitive to static electricity, inflammable and explosive places and chemical plants and other places.
Anti-static flooring is environmentally friendly and moisture-proof, with high-intensity wear resistance and does not fade. Anti-static flooring substrate formaldehyde emission standards meet the national E1 level, fit the green theme of health and environmental protection nowadays, but also from the pungent smell of heavy which can be really safe to use anti-static flooring; use of high-quality wear Paper will greatly enhance the service life, wear index of 6000 or more.
Anti-static flooring, with good features occupy most of the market, in line with the theme of green it to lightning speed to the public around, quickly into a hot "new favorite", you should not miss a functional floor!



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