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The Installation of Raised Access Floor

(1) Clean up the ground: the original grass-roots should be flat, no obvious rough with the shovel eradication debris on the ground, and clean up.

(2) Positioning line: According to the room size and equipment layout, according to the activities of the plate module, laying the laying of the program and a reasonable method of laying.

Above all, laying method to determine, to find, set of square, sub-grid, positioning pay-off work, that is to mark the grid line on the ground, but also mark the standard line on the walls around, in order to operation control during construction.

(3) Installation of adjustable pedestal and stringer: the wall around the room to draw the elevation control line and the grass-roots level has been fine on the ground position of the grid placed adjustable pedestal, and rack stringer, with a small line and level Feet to adjust the height of the seat to the whole room contour. Each nut on the floor support should be tightened after leveling to form a networked stand.

(4) Laying the activities of the floor: the laying of the activities of the floor and adjust the level of height to ensure that the four corners touch formation, tight. When the activities of the plate does not meet the modulus, the lack of part of the actual size of cutting after the insert (cutting flooring to fine), and equipped with the corresponding adjustable pedestal and stringer.

(5) Anti-static grounding: the activities of the floor after installation should be grounded connection, the technical performance should meet the design requirements and construction acceptance norms.



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