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Maxgrid Access Floor Co., Ltd is a leading global professional manufacturer of anti-static access floors and OA net floor. Since 2000, Maxgrid has been focusing on offering start-to-finish services including design, development, production and installation. After more than ten years’ joint efforts, now Maxgrid has 120 employees and an annual production of more than 1.5million square meters.

Not only large production, Maxgrid also has high quality products, good commercial credit and advanced management, and all those are highly recognized by counterparts both at home and abroad.

Under the standard of ISO9001 management, Maxgrid carefully selects the best raw materials and produces high quality access floors by precision equipment and advanced production technics. Maxgrid raised access floor system offers clients a space of more intelligence, high efficiency and lower energy cost. Moreover, all Maxgrid’s products meet international testing standards, such as CNASTC, MOB, CISCA etc.

Maxgrid products are mainly used in computer room, data center, communication room, clean room, office building and so on.

As an export-oriented company, Maxgrid products have been exported to more than 60 countries and regions in the world including USA, Canada, Chile, Spain, Qatar, UAE, Vietnam and so on. Meanwhile, Maxgrid is also expanding domestic market and products have been used throughout China.

Maxgrid always takes ‘customer for first, based on quality’ as our tenet, ’never stop studying, innovating and transcending’ as our spirit.

Meanwhile, Maxgrid will continuously attract and train outstanding talents, research and develop first-class access floors, offer and improve one-stop services, build and promote our perfect image. Together with nice clients from all over the world, Maxgrid is ready to meet challenges to build world-class national industrial brand.



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